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Android is hugely popular. In fact, it's the world's most-used mobile OS.  This OS is installed on most of the smart phones and tablets.     It is an open source software component, specifically an operating system, which is built to be used in mobile hardware devices.  When we run a pc, we need an operating system installed, such as Windows, Mac or Linux. Similarly a smart phone or tablet needs an operating system.  Microsoft, Google,  Apple provides these kind of Operating Systems.  But Google’s one is most popular, which is known as  Android .

Android is a mobile solution, designed for a touch interface on a handheld device. 

Android is a mobile operating platform owned by Google, and one of the main competitors to the iPhone, which runs on iOS.  Android, Inc.  was founded in 2003 in Palo Alto, Calif., and bought by Google in 2005.  Android is the target of choice of thousands of malware authors simply due to the hundreds of non-Google app stores that offer almost no oversight and therefore enable easy distribution, and due to the continuing fragmentation of the Android ecosystem, which leaves users of earlier, less-secure versions of Android vulnerable. 

Android accounts for about  70 percent of all smartphones marketshare , and with  900 million activations to date , there's a massive pool of users to exploit. 

Android apps will (almost) run like native Windows 8 apps. 
Android and iPad both has great software developer base, but android is more attractive to developers  because of open source license of android operating system (OS) .

For the same open source licensing, manufacturers are more interested towards making tablets for android OS.

So with greater developer network, manufacturer support, reasonable price and iPad equivalent quality –  android tablets  easily captured the greater market share of tablet market. 

Android tablets  are generally low priced compared to iPad without sacrificing quality.  As android OS is open sourced any one can incorporate it in his/her hardware.